Entry: dirty dirt. Thursday, July 31, 2014

Something has been bothering me lately. A lot.
It's the world. It's everything that is wrong with the world.
Our planet is being destroyed by the people it provided a home for.
There's homelessness and starvation and corruption everywhere.
It hurts me so much to think about it all.
What hurts me even more is that it's not something that cannot be fixed.
We're entirely capable of reducing the damage that we are doing to the earth and the animals. We are entirely capable of reducing our own individual impact on the earth. It's not even expensive. It's cheaper. It would also have this amazing trickle down effect for our health and wellness.
The thing is, people don't want to. They don't want to change. And they either don't care, or don't understand what we are doing to this planet.
What's even more odd about this whole situation is the number of people in this country alone who claim a religion and claim to love God. If you love God, why aren't you doing your part for the beautiful planet he gave you??
I'm not even excusing myself. I don't feel like I've been doing as much as I can.

So I am vowing to change that.
By walking and biking more instead of driving.
Using what we have instead of buying new.

Any other ideas?


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