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Monday, July 28, 2014
small miracles

If you look closely at the front egg you can see the cracks of emerging life.

I was looking at these baby birds and thinking of what a small miracle they are. That nest that was built expertly by their mother holds the possibility of four lives. It's not really a small miracle though, is it?

No. Not at all. No miracle is small, and they certainly cannot be measured by me.

Even to think of the nest.  Think of the nest without the lovely little lives in it. It started with a simple strand. A piece of grass or straw. The mother bird simply knew what to do, and she did it. She built this nest out of nothing with knowledge that she was somehow born with.

Then she took care of her eggs with the little lives growing inside of them. Now here are these brand new lives coming out into the world. They don't even know that it's amazing. They don't even know they're magnificent. And it's happening all over the place.

It's spring.

Posted at Monday, July 28, 2014 by princessbeckie


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